Best Quality Service


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Uninterrupted access with traffic scaling against the risk of network outages with redundant access points.

High Bandwidth

1 Gbps uplink port allows servers and applications to send and receive more data at the same time.

24/7 Technical Support

We serve you by phone, chat, web and e-mail to configure your services according to your requests.

Most of Our Services

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Cloud Server

High Performance Cloud Servers Tailored for You

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Dedicated Server

High Performance Dedicated Private Servers

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30% Discount$69.99

cPanel Hosting

Limitless Hosting with the Best Price Guarantee

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Cloud Server

2 Month Discount Valid on All 1 Year Cloud Server Purchases


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Dedicated Server

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Reseller Hosting

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ADVEYER's Quality Services


Web Hosting

Web hosting options for every budget and project


Reseller Hosting

Professionalize your customers and websites


cPanel Hosting

Experience cPanel quality and speed without limits


Cloud Server

Take your business to the cloud with VPS/VDS Servers


Dedicated Server

Servers for every need with state-of-the-art dedicated servers


Domain Name

More than 500 domain extensions are just a click away


We strive for the best and highest quality hosting solutions

15-day money-back guarantee

We are sure that you will be satisfied with our services. However, we guarantee an unconditional refund within 15 days for any reason.

Security and privacy

The security of your personal information and payment information that you have saved in our system is more important to us than anything else and we show great sensitivity to this issue.

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Our Web Hosting exclusive features

One of the biggest problems for shared hosting accounts is limits and certain restrictions. We have thought of everything for you and maximized the limits so that you can benefit from our services without being tied to us. here are our exclusive hosting features;

  • Your website speed will increase with powerful SSD infrastructure
  • Uninterrupted access with our redundant infrastructure and powerful servers
  • We automatically back up your websites in certain periods.
  • Free antivirus and antispam protection when you buy the service.
  • You get free Let's Encriypt SSL with your service.
  • Our technical team will migrate your websites free of charge

Dedicated server privileges

Instant Parts Guarantee

If you report a part failure, there is an instant replacement guarantee. If there is a problem with the part, a new server is provided by completely replacing it without any additional charge.

Instant Installation

When you purchase our dedicated server services, your server is prepared and delivered quickly thanks to our stocked system.

24/7 Service Quality

When there is a problem with your services or when you request an update, we provide a quick solution with instant intervention by using our 24/7 communication channels.

24/7 Live Support

For help requests 0850 333 3 787 you can reach us by phone or you can reach us instantly in other ways by visiting our contact page.